Welcome to my chocolate blog,  I am excited  to share with you my passion of all things chocolate!

Here you can discover how chocolate making has become a true art form.  Come with me on a journey through the kitchen as we discover exotic  new flavor profiles and combination’s. Follow the process of  painting, molding, and tempering chocolate.  Learn how to make your own chocolate masterpieces!

Experience guided tasting’s of the latest in contemporary chocolates. Explore the exciting new world of chocolate and beer pairings.  Stay tuned for the latest trends in the chocolate industry, and be prepared to wow your scenes!

Lets expand our  love of  chocolate together. Along with tips and tools of the trade I will be sharing with you my knowledge of where to locate quality ingredients and equipment.Please feel free to comment with questions, feedback and your own chocolate information. I always love learning innovations in chocolate technology. Conquer some of my favorite and most successful recipes, including ice creams and confections. You too can become a Chocolatier!

I do realize that being a chocolatier has turned me into a major chocoholic, some may even label me as a “chocolate snob”. But, I have no interest in bad mouthing anyone’s work  and if I wrote about all the chocolate that I ate, I wouldn’t have time to make any myself.  All of my reviews of other peoples chocolate are only what I consider to be the best, otherwise I wouldn’t take the time to write about it.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Brian says:

    Sarah, you should introduce your self here a little bit more. =)

  2. Jeff Stahl says:

    Hi I surfed to your site today! Nice site! Question, is your coco butter warmer actually sold as a yogurt maker? I’m looking for something that can keep maybe 6 or so colors heated in small quantities. Is this the answer? Thanks

  3. Thanks Jeff! Yes my warmer is a yogurt maker and it seems to be the best solution for me.

  4. Michael says:

    Sarah, I’ve been looking over your blog, I love it… You are putting out alot of great information… Thank you, mike

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